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DIY-Building RAID Inside 400W PC Casing

* Mistake Correction:
At 0:24 i called those metallic things as Hinges, but they are not Hinges; they are called (Metal Wood Brackets).
thanks to Native English speaking guys, always helping and correcting my Broken English :)

Now Configuring RAID on Windows 7:
1.My Computer (Right Click)
3.Disk Management
4.After allocation and format all finished, right click and choose Mirror Disk (RAID1) or
Striped Disk (RAID0), and ok, exit
6.Enjoy your RAID.

Note: for better and fast re-sync,if you have not a strong system, you should not install hard drives more than 500GB each cause it takes long time and much of CPU if once they got out of sync due to a instant shutdown, power-failure or anything like that.


DIY- Building RAID Inside 400W PC Casing
This project is about building RAID ARRAY inside my older PC, i built extra cooling system as well.

the video includes all the details, but still if you had questions, add comments, i try to reply as soon as possible.


More Info and downloads:

Click to see Narration Text of the video in PDF:

Schematic Diagram of The project:

Schematic Diagram Built By:
Fritzing Free Professional Software:

* This is Link of this video on Hack a Day, if you want to read more comments from Advanced users:

RAID TYPE: SOFTWARE Controlled (Windows 7 )
RAID 4 DRIVES, (raid0 and raid 1)

if you want to know more about RAID on wiki:

ReadyBoost Drives:

4GB X 7 = 28GB High Speed Drives

if you want to know more about Ready boost:

Cache Memory:


Installed Fans: 4x12Volts
LEDs 3.4V RED 20mA Each, powered from 12 V fan controller.

Edited by Adobe Premiere Pro

 Click Here to Watch Video of this project on YouTube

Here is the 2nd RAID project for the i7 Computer

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