Sunday, December 25, 2016

Easy,Fast & Cheap Method For PDF Book Binding

An Updated New 1080p HD of Bookbinding is now available on my channel,
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* If you want to drill more proper nice holes on your printed PDF book, you should trydrilling with Paper Drilling Bits:

*if you want to print double sided pages,follow these instructions:

Printing PDF documents double sided

To save paper and space in your office you may want to consider printing PDF documents double-sided. Here are tips how to do it:

1. press print button from the tool bar

2. check "reverse pages" from printer dialog box and "print: even pages only" from the Print range dialog box

3. press OK and you will get half of your document on the printer

4. press print button from the tool bar again

5. select "print: odd pages only" from the Print range dialog box

6. click "properties" and select from the "paper source" drop out menu "manual feed"

7. press OK

8. deselect "reverse pages" (if still checked)

9. press OK

10. go to the printer and feed your printed even pages face down into the manual feed tray.

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fauzan riko said...

hy sam, can you tell me more about the stitching? thank you :)

samimy said...

@fauzan riko,
it is jut simple stitching, simple, don't cross the book's spine, just go straight.