Friday, December 23, 2016

Ceiling Frame For Cutaway Shots

Based on previous experiences i have noticed that filming in zoomed mode continuously gets boring and even unconformable to watch for audiences.
that is why in Professional movies there are always cutaway shots. So for solving this problem in my little studio i had to put a camera far from my work bench to take some cutaway shots, but there were problem for tripod stands, they were not going to fit in that little space in my studio cause there are other bench and tools box. meanwhile even if i tried to fit it there but still it blocked my way out. so i went for this idea, to make a frame out of wood and mount the camera inside. the frame is mounted to a wooden rod that receives support from 2 other wooden stands from the room corners. So this solved my problem very much for cutaway shots. soon after playing around with it, i found out if i zoom the camera it takes several kinds of other shots, like zoom shots and angle shots because the mount is sliding across the supporting rod therefor the camera can be placed to any point across the rod and can take frames from any corner of the working bench.

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