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On Youtube Channel i am usually posting videos of my works,usually Electronic but sometimes it would be a random project like bookbinding or something useful.Mostly it is all about what i have made or what i wanna make, cause i might be failed on some, in this case some of them won't make it to a Youtube video therefor only pictures would be uploaded to this blog with some details and info.

Here is the link to my Youtube Channel,or click on this Channel Banner to take you there:

*Sometimes if i find a good product from other companies, and if it is entertaining or educational enough to be turned to a video, i will make a video of this product and put it on my YouTube channel, for example the 4W Drive Solar Monster Car.

 2.Hacks, How-To, DIY & Electronic Projects

*Projects are for all people regardless of age or spoken language.
Just a little English language knowledge is enough to get the main

*They are my own IDEAS, thinking and working hard on each one of
them until they get accomplished as final products.

*Some times if I find a nice or interesting project from other
makers, I will make a showcase video of the product as well.

*Safety is always the priority for each of my projects.

*If you had any question or suggestions, please email me.

* For business inquires, email me & I will give you more information.

* i do speak and write English as a 2nd language, so i am aware that i make many mistakes, but please don't take it serious, i am trying to keep it as correct as i can. or if you correct me that would be great.


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