Thursday, February 16, 2017

HDD Based LED Lights For Video & Photography & Other Purposes

if you have ever been to a NETCAFE, you would have probably seen those lights mounted over each Monitor.These lights are for compensating the lights coming to our eyes from the monitor screen. the screen acts as spot light directly hitting our eyes which is not good in long term. looking at monitors without opposite light, causes the eyes to become dry and i needed such lights to make for my desktop monitor, but later while i made an Aluminum shade LED light, i used these HDD base lights for videography and or for computer repairing.
these lights are good for background light while photography or filming, or lighting inside some cabinet for table or shelf for temporary filming issues.
things i used for this project:

1. a pair of dead hard drives.
2.a pair of switches.
3. a pair of E17 LED bulbs.
4.Some wires.
6.stands from the clip lights.

these the pictures how i made them.

i ordered the LEDs from via PayPal, a very good and quick delivery. so far been very satisfied with their services.

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