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 Wedensday April 19.2017
working on a quick short circuit tester, after that would be going back to LED project.

Tuesday,March 31,2017
making of the coffee cooling system is cancelled, started working on a LED project. the project is for youtube, it would be up soon.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Started working on Coffee Cooling Project, this would be simple. the video would be on my youtube channel soon.  

Friday, March 17.2017
Started working on Bearing Tool Box project. the video would be available on my youtube channel soon.

 Thursday,February 23.2017
the ram project postponed for the next month, first i will work on a bench top tools box. it will have bearings to rotate. it is a need for several reasons.the video of the project would be on my youtube channel soon.

 Thursday, February 9, 2017
 Currently working on a RAM project, the video would be available on my youtube channel soon.


Beside youtube, i am active on some other sites as well. to make this blog better along with my youtube channel. Here is a list of some of the sites i am usually visiting or sharing content with them.


Some of my projects are embedded on Hackaday,  I frequently visit this great site too see what others have made or what kind of fresh hacks are up on the front page.
This site is one of those best sites that like very much. Really great content and very skillful hackers and Electronic Masters are there. Every time if one of my projects got a chance to be featured on Hackaday, i will put a link to this Blog, so you can see it and read the comments from Hackaday community.
If you want to visit Hackaday, click on its logo.


This is site has been my favorite from stone-age, a real place for all DIY masters, hobbyists, engineers and artists. the great content and versatility of this site is unique. Unfortunately i do not share content with this site anymore, but in the past i did, there is still my channel with some old content, but not new ones. but i frequently visit Instructables and get stuck there with funny projects for hours.

if you want to visit this site, click on this banner:


This is the site where i order my Electronics, very fast delivery, reliable, and paypal convenient transaction. The quality is good, never been disappointed so far. Beside eBay this site is a great help for my video productions because i usually do Electronic Projects.

if you want to visit this Great Store, click on this banner:

4.Studio One Productions
if you are into the video making business, this site is a great help. the topics and content are all very well written to help you start with your video projects. information about videos, codecs, cameras, cinematography, GPUs, fixings, troubleshooting and so on. i have been reading this site since 2010 i guess and helped me with lots of my problems.
thanks to the creators.
if you want to visit this site, click on this banner:

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