Thursday, February 23, 2017

These Things Had To Be Fixed

There were other small things to be fixed before i start to work on YouTube projects. here i upload a list of what they were:

1.HDMI Repeater For Camera-2

Camera 2 is placed usually near the working bench on my left side, it is a bit far from Testing Monitors, i found out during filming a project, the signal transfer from camera to the monitor is slower than camera -1 which is located near the monitors on top of the working bench at the right side. to solve this problem i went on eBay and ordered some HDMI repeaters, from 5 HDMI repeaters i have ordered only one of them worked the rest just stayed in my junk box. I knew this will happen cause that is eBay, that is why i needed one but ordered 5 pieces from different sellers, different locations and brands. now i have mounted the HDMI repeater on top of my bench and works very well. it needs a 5V DC adapter that is what i needed to boost the signal. the buffering types that work without external current, just couldn't convince me.

2.Off-Screen Pockets For HDMI & Other Cables

regardless of a huge box of wires and cables that i have collected with-in 10 years of working with electronic stuff, i have found out that some wires and cables would be in need quickly for a short time then it should be put back to the box until the next need. putting them back to the main  cable box which is located under the working bench is a pain and that is too heavy. so i have to think of some other ideas. i came up with these pockets that are actually made for kitchen. i got them from one dollar store. and 2 more small boxes i made out of wood. so now i can manage all my cables that i need temporary like HDMI and power adapters from camers,USBs and so on. otherwise they will be always on the floor and make a mess, meanwhile leaving HDMI cables on the floor is not safe, they are very fragile and can break down quickly,if one single signal wire of the HDMI cable gets damage inside, the entire signal would be interrupted and tv would say "sorry bro, no signal"

3.Electret Condenser Stereo Microphone

tired of searching music on youtube music data-base none is usually convincing enough to be used for a project. meanwhile tired of buying music each for $40 from other sites that claim they are royalty free but after uploading on youtube, youtube would often pull my leg.
so i have just decided to leave everything natural, the sound of the project all and everything on the video let it be as it is, no need for music, except for some videos that really do not need narration.
so for this purpose i had to have a mic for recording sound of the project while making. yes camera has got built-in microphones but not very convincing cause they don't have wind-screen and capture many noises caused by the air flow inside the working room. so i made this little wind-screen box and put an electret condenser mic inside it and it works very well, yes those net and the sponges are for the kitchen and i got them from one dollar store.

4.Soft Light LED Box on Top of Working Bench

The main LED Soft Light Box i made is mounted on top, near the ceiling so it is usually off-screen. based on previous experiments with video making, i found out that showing a small light source on-screen looks cool meanwhile it responds the question if audience ask where the light come from for lighting this subject? therefore i let a small light box containing 2 LEDs E26, each 12Watts, on top of working bench. while you will see these pictures they are still under construction, later i will add a diffuser under the box to turn it from hard to soft light.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Very Bright LED Softbox For Project Filming

 Updated on Feb 23th.2017
Earthquake Precautions
 this city i am currently living is on a line of Earthquake or a big stone board that sometimes goes mad and  moves around ( i don't even know what i am writing here) under the ground, according to what i heard from people ( or it might be on a naughty turtle baby's back who knows). the thing is that earthquake happens sometimes in this city (Oita-Japan) which is located in the south of Japan in Kyushu Island. while i first arrived to this city, staying on the top floor of a tall building and a strong quake happened, holly mother of nature ! it really is scary ! so after building this light soft box, i realized it is shaking to left and right, if a strong earthquake over 5 Richter happens (first i hope not to), so it will break down due to strong inertia it will receive from the quake. to prevent any possible damage i just put  some more coins on the table and bought 2 more tension holders with cables and mounted them to left and right sides of the light box.
now it is very strong and does not move or shake.
see  these pictures:

Here is a Video of the Box after Installation

Well,lighting system changed again. here is the problem i have faced so far, the light for DIY work and the light for filming are not the same if you fix one you will need to fix the 2nd as well. in the past 3 months i have been busy making lights for filming but none worked due to angle and hard lighting the subjects. so i finally came up with this idea to make a large soft box light to cover a wide angle range. this soft box light is using 12 LEDs, 6 of them are E26 and another 6 are E17. They are installed in 2 rows  and 4 lines of AC connected for each 3 Bulb. why did i choose to have 4 wires for one soft box? because i didn't have a dimmer circuit so for some projects while i need less light i turn off for example the first row maybe all the E17s. so this works so far i have tested with filming and pictures all is best. this final product would let me to make some new projects again.

ordered the LEDs for this project from very fast delivery and reliable service.
things i used for this project:

1. some wood
2.E17 LED bulbs 6 of them.
3.E26 LED Bulb 6 of them
4.wires with plugs.
5.wood stands to mount on the top of workbench.
6.nuts and bolts.
7.self drilling screws.
8.tension cord.
9.oven paper for soft box.
10.some mechanical hinges and brackets etc to mount it on stand and articulating issues.

see the pictures below.