Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Natural Tree Branch LED Lamp

Failed Project:
Reason: after using it some time it turn out to be  too bright, disturbing my eyes. tried to defuse it but no space there on the branch. so i just destroyed  it to use the LEDs for another type of Lamp to be used on my desktop.it flopped on youtube as well didn't receive enough likes and Hackaday didn't publish it so i removed it from youtube. also the basket was a little too big to used for the base, i couldn't find a small one.
this lamp is made of natural tree branches. i found these branches in a windy day on the road. brought them home and saw both of them have got a really nice shape and thought i should make a lamp out of them.
i started my work by drilling them and found a wooden basket to put them in and also a LED to make the light.the LED is from a simple bulb so i opened it and took the inverter and the led apart and put them in different places for my lamp. the LED is inside the wood branch cavity and the inverter is mounted inside the wooden basket. so finally the result was cool and i got to like this project and i am going to use it for my study or cutting vegetables.
see some pictures of this project how i made it and  there is a link to YouTube, you can click and watch the video of this project as well.