Sunday, January 22, 2017

Aluminum Shade LED Light For Desktop

I needed a LED light for my desktop 27 Inches monitor, usually these lights that lit monitor screens so we can easily stare at the screen for hours, are called Screen lights or Monitor Lights. You might have seen some if you have ever been in a Net Cafe.
by the way, i thought i should buy one, there were some in the Markets, very nice and dedicated. the problem was that those LEDs are too fancy and usually if the LEDs burn out, there is no way to replace them, you have to buy an entire light with wires and body again, so it is expensive. my idea was to make something so the lights could be replaceable with ordinary lights available in the markets. so i came up with this idea, made an alumi shade with E17 LED bulbs, nuts and bolts on the shelve of my desktop cabinet.
it works well and saved me lots of money meanwhile i could learn how to work with Aluminum, cause it was my first time doing a work completely with Aluminum.
see pictures and the video link is at the end.

here is the link to this project on hackaday:

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Made a New Working Place For 2017

For this new year 2017 i have built this little work place, it is much better than the previous one. this new year i am going work on some new projects and upload new videos to my youtube channel.

My Video & Photography Cameras I am Currently Working With

These are currently my cameras that i am using to film and photograph my projects to put them on Youtube as well as this blog. cameras are a bit old but the picture qualities are fine, they are from quality makers like Victor and Sony. below i have uploaded some of the pictures taken on my new working bench.

1.Fuji Film FinePix Z80 Photography Camera.
2.Sony HDR-SR10 Video Camera.
3.Toshiba GSC-K40H Video Camera.
4.JVC GZ-HD10U Video Camera
5.JVC VICTOR GZ-HD3-B Video Camera

 Fuji Camera

Activation & Testing of This Blog on Mobile Friendly

Activation & Testing of This Blog on Mobile Friendly (Google)

Today i was arranging some of gadgets of this Blog, i wanted to take a look on how my blog would look on a Smart phone or mobile. i don't have a smart phone, so i was kind a disparate.luckily after a search on Google, i found out Google already has a site for testing blogs whether are they friendly on mobiles or not.
so i submitted my blog to Google and the result was successful, it says this blog is friendly viewed on all mobile devices. Google also asked me to submit my blog to Google Search Engine's Indexing Que, this makes the site to be found quickly if searched via mobiles, i guess.
 but still if you had problems viewing this blog on mobile phones, please add comments or contact me via email address, i try to fix it as soon as possible.

here are some pictures and link if you also want to test your blog with Google.

Here is the link to Google Mobile Friendly Test

My Sony HDR-SR10 Video Camera

this year i just got this SONY HDR-SR10 for filming my DIY projects and to put them on YouTube. this is one of the cameras i am using for cutaway shots or it might be used for  close-up shots as will be connected to an HDMI cable to transfer the frames to the testing monitor mounted above my working tables, then i will check the clip, if it was okay to use for the final production i will move on to the next take, otherwise i will re-take. anyway this camera is very nice, works perfectly fine and easy to use. see pictures of this camera i took in my workplace as well as some shots and screens taken by this camera,view from the balcony of the apartment i am staying, it is 10 floored building.

 meanwhile i have printed a PDF manual of this camera, using my book binding tricks, you can check the video on this blog if you want to.
enjoy viewing these nice pictures.