Saturday, December 24, 2016

Aluminum Cover for Bicycle’s Chain Hub

I usually had this problem with Jeans Cuffs while ridding the mountain bicycle.The chain would  always get greasy and would turn my Jeans Cuffs black. i usually wear pale blue jeans and it looks very messy. for some time i tried to completely remove oil and the grease from the chain and just ride it dry, but it won't work, it affects the speed and the durability of the bike, meanwhile after a while i have to buy a new chain cause the stain would break them apart.
to solve this problem i went for some aluminum bars, some nuts and bolts and my DIY tools. after taking some measurements i just mounted a small chain cover over the hub. Nuts and bolts took them in place very tightly and i never had the same experience again. my jeans are now  clean and the bike is running fast and smooth. it was just a one full day hard work but fixed the problem for ever.

see pictures.

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