Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Channel Banners & Backgrounds Over Time

 Every year i design a new channel banner or channel background for my YouTube channel. just for fun practicing my gimp skills ( i don't use Photoshop). before i replace a banner with a new one i take some screens shots to keep it and see it after a few years. some times i even take photo shots of YouTube and channel itself to see the changes over time. below you can see some of the screen shots i have been taken since 2009.

Channel Banner from 2014~2016

Screen shot of my YouTube channel February 28.2017

Screen shot of my youtube channel in 2010


Screen Shot of my Youtube Channel in July 2012

channel Banner in November  2012

Screen Shots of Video Manager page it might be 2012 as well

More Screen Shots from 2012~2013

My YouTube channel Background in 2011

channel banner in 2013
 channel Background in 2012

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