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Studying Electronics in South Korea 2003~2004

Studying Electronics & Electricity in South Korea 2003~2004

Seoul institute for vocational training in advanced technology

in the year 2003 to 2004, i have been studying Electronics and Electricity in General in Incheon city,South Korea.
with other colleagues. classes would start from 8:30am to 5:00pm it was all fun and practical work.
thanks to Korean professors, they really taught us Electronics well, i have been able to make schematics on computers and then practically making the circuit using a bread-board.

Korea 2003, we have been practicing metal works, including CNC and routers. Making some Mechanical Structures from Aluminum and other type of Metals. yes it wasn't very safe, we had to put on some Masks.

this picture is from 2013, Oita-Japan

some more pictures from South Korea, 2003~2004, Electronic and Electrical classes and Korean time there were students from several other countries too.

Electromagnetic Professor & me Korea 2003

 at Oita-University's Dormitory, Year 2005 Japan

South Korea Daejeon City, College Dormitory 2003

Oita University Japan 2008

Incheon Polytechnic College,Korea 2003

South Korea 2003 

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