Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hidden Secret RC Hard Drive

OK, first things first, this one was the craziest idea i came up with and i wonder how i manage to turn it to a video. but i did it anyway who cares, let it to be a video then wait how much complains i get from the community, i called it even a crazy hack.
so the basic idea was to make a hidden hard drive inside computer casing to be unknown to others or from hackers attacking your computer from a far distance through the web.As some one mentioned on Hackaday:
"the idea was good, the delivery failed" yea i right.
ok, let's talk about the nature of the project. it was supposed to be hidden at  off state and be unrecognizable by your operating system or even BIOS, until you activate it from another source via radio signals. that means it is a hard drive that is hidden by the parameters of hardware not software. i found this little RC car thinking this should be able to activate the HDD from a far distance. so i started working on the project, the video was successful on YouTube and with-in 5 years it received 4 Million views; from each 10 people giving a positive feedback at least one was negative. but now i  know  that the basic circuit design had some mistakes, it had to be fixed, also on Hackaday the community pointed out  many of the circuits' errors. i am glad they did so. this hard drive receives a Radio signal from another source and it should be active as long as the source keeps sending the radio signal.

 Reasons why this project failed to accomplish the task, were:

1.instead of those 3V batteries i should have used a power source from computer's power supply.
2. the relay should have had a good driver.
3.the radio signal should have been tuned via a circuit to be undetectable via the same RC car if run around the neighborhood. (low chance of occurrence though)
4.relay should have been a semi conductor relay so it could be activated silently.
5.the power source for the activation circuit should have been  a permanent and constant source, not this 3V batteries.

this post is only for conveying the idea, it is not supposed to be re-make exactly the same, using this circuit design, it will damage the hard drive or the computer. DO NOT PROCEED THE SAME DESIGN AS SHOWN HERE. as it needs a better circuit design.

This is link of this project on Hacaday, the video is not available now but you can read the comments of the community if you are interested.

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