Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Magical HDR-SR11 Compared To HDR-SR10

I bought a SONY HDR-SR11 from eBay this year. I had 2 hdr-sr10 from last year so I have been thinking SR11 would be the same, until I found out some topics on reddit about SONY SR11, they have mentioned that there are differences. I got curious over this and tried to see what really those differences are. Couldn’t wait longer found a list of SR11s and SR12s on eBay and finally ordered a SR11.
The moment I received the camera and took it in my hands I could feel the differences, it was heavier, bigger with  a wider screen and a huge Battery!
Well it isn’t all; I turned  the camera on and holly mother of beautiful nature! The picture quality was so amazing, so deep and magnificent! it got even better when I adjusted my HDMI monitor for it.
I liked it very much from the moment I received it. now everything is great about this camera. See some pictures taken with SR11.

 this wooden frame is for my new project it is an LED shade, i will upload this on my youtube channel.

 the left side is the SR11 screen and the right side is SR10, notice that it is wider and the side switches are push buttons with much more contrast and easy to press.

SR10's screen could not cover the SR11's screen, as you can see on this picture, it is slightly visible.

SR11 LENS data is 1.8/4.9-58.8
SR10 LENS data is 1.8/3.1-46.5 which is obviously smaller than SR11's Lens.

 SR11 is slightly longer in physical length than SR10.

SR11 has got a huge battery !

 500 minutes of recording !

 SR11 comes with a built -in manual focus adjustment button, this thing is missing in SR10.

 i have pointed out the manual focus gear and button on SR11.

in this picture you can see the SR11 is located on my right side on a tripod. it gives the signal to the monitor on the right.

the table you see on the right side, the tripod is located on it, is a separated table from the main working bench, it is because the vibration from the Grinder (left side) would damage the Hard Drive of the Camera. i have made that table completely separate without any attachment with the main working bench and between them; there is a layer of very thick sponge in case if someday it comes close to the main bench, the sponge should absorb the vibrations.

the curtains were white (white paper) it still allowed the sunshine to pass the window and create a hard-light spot on the working bench. that is why i replace them with a blue fabric. meanwhile the paper wasn't strong enough it would tear apart quickly even by a small touch or scratch.

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