Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Workroom Lighting Upgrade

In the first installation of LEDs and shades i used a defusing paper to defuse the light source. it worked for the filming and camera stuff perfectly fine but i had a problem with them looking at my monitors. Monitors are located above my work tables, on the shelf. while working on a project during filming, i found out that looking at the monitors are almost impossible due to too much light coming directly to my face from strong LEDs installed above the shelf. it was making it for me impossible to concentrate on working and filming. so i had to do something. i took my carpentry tools again and made some wooden shades that swallow the entire LEDs in and only light comes out. these new shades cover the entire bulbs (the source). this way i found out the problem is solved, now when i look at the monitors i don't feel disturbed by LEDs.
there are lots of E27 and E17 LEDs hidden behind shelf  to lit the entire workroom and bench work.
here are some pictures of the new design.

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