Saturday, December 24, 2016

Cooling Down Modem & Router in The Summer

I am not quite sure which year it was,2012 or 2013, but it was a very hot summer here in Japan, note that i am in the south of Japan Kyushu island.
been downloading and watching lots of youtube, modem went to auto turn off system. i didn't know they have built-in temperature control system. so i waited an hour until it got back to normal.  it triggered an idea in my mind. why not cooling it down manually by installing some fans over them?
cool ! let's start doing it. after building this it worked for a year fine, for the next summer it worked as well until the company announced that they are now distributing the new router-modem all in one package, i went for it, it was high speed 1GB, but the nice thing was it didn't turn hot same as before, it was a latest Technology anyway, enjoy watching pictures of the old modem and router that i tried to cool them down.

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