About This Blog

1.This Blog

This blog is built to complete my YouTube Channel.
the information about each project,schematics,pictures,narration texts,discussions,details and so on would be added to this blog.

On the detail section of each video there would be a link from Google linking service to re-direct you here on this blog, you will exactly be landed on the page related to the video you have just watched. no misleading or no pop-ups or other unpleasant flashy ads. here is a place where you will be able to find out all about the project you liked.

a project sometimes would be embedded to other sites as well, i will put a link here to get you there to see more comments and discussions about the project.

if still you had question, contact me via email provided to you on the "Contact & Support" Tab or you can drop me an email via youtube messaging service.


Content of this blog would be usually Pictures of my projects,texts and details about each one, PDF schematics and External links, no video would be embedded on this blog, as a rule, all videos would be available on my Youtube Channel only.

3.How To See Contents of This Blog

To see and brows all contents of this Blog, there are several ways:

# Use Search Box 
on the top of this blog if you have a specific keyword in mind.

# Use Blog Archive.
Blog Archive is the place where all posts of this blog can be accessible.The archive is categorized based on Year and month, there is all the posts of this blog if you click on each Triangle and drop it down until you reach to the main list.

# Use Labels
 Labels are for categorizing each content based on their nature and type.if you click on a specific label, you will see all posts of that label only. for example if you click on (YouTube projects) label, you will see all posts about YouTube projects only.


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