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Product Promotion

there would a chance if you are the maker of a good electronic device,robot ,toy or anything related to electronics ,Optics or mechanical, ship me a sample or post me a video of it so i will put it on my channel and credit your company, that is the cooperation in my opinion. you will add your ideas on how it should be and let me know your conditions, we will discus it until we both come up with a conclusion to benefit us both.

For Your Information

1.Live links on this Blog are all safe.They are Highlighted Orange so you can find and click on them easily.

2.This Blog is only for Information and details of videos, you will not find videos on this site but only links to my YouTube videos.

3.If you want your project on this Blog, contact me and send me pictures, i post it here with your name and a link to your YouTube Channel.

4.If you have a product and want to be shown on this Blog, contact me. I give your more info.Your Product must be Electronic,Electric or Mechanical only.

5.Schematics are directly available on this Blog. The narration Texts are as PDF and you can find a download link from Google Docs under each project on this Blog.

6.If you want to use pictures of this Blog and information for your videos or Blog, feel free, just credit me at the end or put a link on your video,Channel or site to this Blog.

7.If you have any question or suggestion, email me, i try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Link Interchange

if you have a blog,website, or a youtube channel, if our content matches, let's do a link interchange and promote each blog or youtube channels. if you go to my youtube channel in the channels section i am already promoting channels from other youtubers who their content matches with my channel, some of them return back the favor but for now i have just leave it optional. 

in 2017 i made some tables and shelf as a new working bench to work stand-up.
this picture was taken in 2013, at that time i was working sitting on chair on the floor cause i liked it that way at that time.

it is all in the same room but so many changes over time. even my beard is shaved clean now.

March 2017, New Working Bench & working Standing-up.

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