Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Solar Powered Toy Car (Handmade)

Easy to assemble, this kit is an excellent project that you can work on with your kids (or students if you're a teacher). Education, fun, and the future all wrapped up in one.
Solar Powered PET Bottle Car Features:

  • Power supply: solar, 1.4V-350mA (Max)
  • Car is front-wheel drive
  • Gear ratio: 2 stages
  • Works for about 2 hours continuously
  • Ages 10 +
  • PET bottle not included with kit
  • Manual: Japanese

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    A Solar Powered Toy Car (handmade),
    This could be cheaper and interesting,
    educational too. see how strong is sunshine power.

    the water bottle size doesn't matter, even the big bottle
    of water you see in the market (2 litters) they work, because
    it is light, not heavy.

    so size of the bottle doesn't matter.
    weight: make sure it is empty.

    and the solar board size, you should choose the size based on your
    see if your motor needs 2 volts, you should use a 2 volt solar panel,
    or if your motor is 3 volt, do the same, find a 3 volt out put solar panel.
    the physical size doesn't matter, little big or small, it is okay.

    use tires as much as lighter, not heavy is better.

    Question from a user:
    -does it work with 13W Lamp?

    Re: A Solar Power Toy Car
    that solar board you saw on my video 6x10 cm, is:

    1.4V 350mA

    which simply means:
    P=1.4V(350mA) = 490mVA ~ = 0.49Watt ~=0.5W

    in fully light intensity.

    a 13W would make it run but not give it much power.

    watch my solar train toy video, at that day the sky was a bit cloudy and it couldn't make the engines to run faster.

    the solar board does not work only in light, it works based on
    light intensity.
    if you use your 13W light with a glass light intensity magnifier,
    it would probably be better than direct one.
    give it a try.

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