Friday, December 23, 2016

What I Have Built Recently

1.Hot Glue Holder

I have been busy making this Hot Glue Gun Holder.It is built out of Wood. The Glue would usually drop around and made a mess.

so i made this now the problem is solved.

 2.LED Shade For Monitor
The next thing i built was this light shade for LEDs. I am using it for my Editing computer.The light comes from 2 E17 LEDs and the shade is made entirely from Aluminum. Took me almost a week to build it but the result was convincing.

3.Light for Studio

This wooden package light was necessary for my little studio while filming.The light coming from the default ceiling CFL light, wasn't enough,especially at nights or cloudy days.

so i built a pair of these lights that can be mounted on the ceiling. Inside there are 3 LED bulbs each one 8 to 12Watts.For the Diffusion problem i used the Oven Baking Paper it works very well.

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