Saturday, December 24, 2016

LED Front Panel & RAID Setup For Computer

The problem with this project started after i lost a Hard Drive as well as the data in it.Then i realized if i don't have a back-up for my files, it will happen again.So i started thinking to find a cheap solution.It was the time i heard that Microsoft has added  supporting RAID technology to Windows 7. so i went for it.i built this setup with several Hard drives and a cooling system cause i added too many Hard drives (10) hard drives and plus 2 DVD Drives, it is going to become hot. Meanwhile there is a GTX 670 playing inside the casing beside an i7 the final days, i could manage to add some fans in the front panel for HDDs to cool them down. also added some LEDs because i used a plexi glass sheet for the fan support so they could be nicer with some LEDs.

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