Wednesday, February 8, 2017

HDD Based Mic For SONY Recorder & Computer Recording

When i first bought my SONY recorder to record narrations for my youtube projects, i found out this built in mic is a bit weak ( but later i found the real reason was the mp3 format). So i bought a dynamic microphone to connect with my SONY  recorder. then i realized i need a stand for this big mic, i was out of budget at that time so i thought i should make a stand myself. i went for this broken hard drive and a pipe holder from a local DIY store and some nuts and bolts. after one day of working on it, i finally had a mic stand.
later i found out that recordings in mp3 format cannot survive the premier pro's rendering. the mp3 format is a playback format only. so later i went for TASCAM wav recorder, that post is in the other section about sound booth.
by the way see these pictures how i built my mic stand for my mp3 player.

why i don't use this anymore:

1.made a sound booth for recordings. not use the mp3 recorder for recordings anymore, instead using a wav recorder TASCAM.
3. bought a stand up mic stand later.

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