Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Sony HDR-SR10 Video Camera

this year i just got this SONY HDR-SR10 for filming my DIY projects and to put them on YouTube. this is one of the cameras i am using for cutaway shots or it might be used for  close-up shots as will be connected to an HDMI cable to transfer the frames to the testing monitor mounted above my working tables, then i will check the clip, if it was okay to use for the final production i will move on to the next take, otherwise i will re-take. anyway this camera is very nice, works perfectly fine and easy to use. see pictures of this camera i took in my workplace as well as some shots and screens taken by this camera,view from the balcony of the apartment i am staying, it is 10 floored building.

 meanwhile i have printed a PDF manual of this camera, using my book binding tricks, you can check the video on this blog if you want to.
enjoy viewing these nice pictures.

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