Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wooden Monitor Stand With Tire Base & HDMI Switch

i made this monitor stand all from wood to check my video frames while filming a project. it was a need at that year 2013 cause i had to shoot in balcony, outside and other places. the small stand from monitor wasn't high enough as my work was all stand up.
so i built this one at that time and used it for a while. the parts were designed to be separable and mobile so i could take them any where part by part. so now i am using small screens and do not need this stand anymore so i have recycled the wood for making other things. but still you can see pictures and a little video at the end.The project used to work with HDMI cables and an HDMI switch remote controlled.

Why i don't use it anymore:

using small LCD Screens working with battery.
it was too big for carrying and moving around.
 and needed AC 100V always.

Here is a video of the ending:

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