Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Solar & USB DIY LED Light With Cellphone Charger

This is another ugly project from Samimy. i made this one to use for my book reading and some computer fixing issues, but turned out very ugly, my DIY work is same as my cooking, not Delicious at all, only i can eat it and no one cat eat.
by the way, i wanted this one to be a smart useful project, it worked but only with USB charging, the solar didn't work properly cause it needed more of thos solar boards, at least 4 or 6 of them, so my calculations were wrong.
see the pictures how i made it.

why i abandoned this project?

1. too big and ugly for the designated purpose. charging didn't work. were not covered well and lines were exposed.
4.LEDs had not any diffuser and it had strong direct light.
5.wasn't water proof, i drink too much coffee and there is a cup of coffee always on my desk.
6.i didn't want my friends to come and visit me in my place and laugh on what the hell i have made.
"dude come on, you can do better than this"

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