Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Simple Bed Light Too Bright

this one is one of my first works, it goes back to 2008.
i saw a light made in china in a store and they have used a simple water cup made of glass to act like a shade, the entire body was simple. so i thought hey, i can make this too. i went to one dollar store and didn't find such type of cup but instead i found this blue vase made of glass.
i bought it and brought it home, thinking how to mount it to make a light ? so after thoughts and thinking too much i came with this idea that you see on the pictures, a switch, a broken hard drive and platters from the hard drive, some wires and a plexi glass pipe, i gathered all and could make such an ugly lamp again. but it failed because it was too bright and i didn't add a dimming circuit to it, so that is why i just put it on eBay... wait a minute,did i say eBay? oh no, i mean i put it back in my junk box :)

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