Sunday, January 22, 2017

Aluminum Shade LED Light For Desktop

I needed a LED light for my desktop 27 Inches monitor, usually these lights that lit monitor screens so we can easily stare at the screen for hours, are called Screen lights or Monitor Lights. You might have seen some if you have ever been in a Net Cafe.
by the way, i thought i should buy one, there were some in the Markets, very nice and dedicated. the problem was that those LEDs are too fancy and usually if the LEDs burn out, there is no way to replace them, you have to buy an entire light with wires and body again, so it is expensive. my idea was to make something so the lights could be replaceable with ordinary lights available in the markets. so i came up with this idea, made an alumi shade with E17 LED bulbs, nuts and bolts on the shelve of my desktop cabinet.
it works well and saved me lots of money meanwhile i could learn how to work with Aluminum, cause it was my first time doing a work completely with Aluminum.
see pictures and the video link is at the end.

here is the link to this project on hackaday:

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