Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wooden Keyboard Wrist Rest

my Logitech Keyboard  lost the wrist rest, it broke down, stands of the keyboard broke down too.
it was year 2013 i guess. so i took a look on the web to see how others solve this problem? i found out some creative people have made some wooden wrist rest for their keyboards. I thought i should give it a try. i took my tools again and made this keyboard wrist rest. at first weeks it worked well. because i didn't have proper carpentry tools, i couldn't smooth the wrist area, i wanted this part to be curvy and smooth but couldn't achieve it cause i didn't have the proper tool for it. later i found comfy wrist rest from a Japanese maker (Elecom) in a computer shop, i bought a pair of those and i liked them very much, so that one caused me to abandon this project.
below you can see how i made this keyboard wrist rest and then you will see some pictures of how others have made it and at the end you will see some links to take you to google images and see more of creative people those who have made the same thing but with different and versatile designs.

here are some links to Google images of others who have made this same project:

and these are pictures of my comfy from Elecom, that i purchased to use instead of that wrist rest wooden. now i am using this and this is much comfortable for the work.

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