Saturday, January 14, 2017

Activation & Testing of This Blog on Mobile Friendly

Activation & Testing of This Blog on Mobile Friendly (Google)

Today i was arranging some of gadgets of this Blog, i wanted to take a look on how my blog would look on a Smart phone or mobile. i don't have a smart phone, so i was kind a disparate.luckily after a search on Google, i found out Google already has a site for testing blogs whether are they friendly on mobiles or not.
so i submitted my blog to Google and the result was successful, it says this blog is friendly viewed on all mobile devices. Google also asked me to submit my blog to Google Search Engine's Indexing Que, this makes the site to be found quickly if searched via mobiles, i guess.
 but still if you had problems viewing this blog on mobile phones, please add comments or contact me via email address, i try to fix it as soon as possible.

here are some pictures and link if you also want to test your blog with Google.

Here is the link to Google Mobile Friendly Test

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