Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rotating Toolbox on Workbench

this little toolbox is for managing my small tools like screw drivers,pens,sharp cutters etc. this should be always on my workbench while i am working on a project, it is very easy to access important tools using this box.the other reason i built this was the cool effect, it covers the blank spaces around a subject while i am filming a project, if too many blank spaces appear around a subject repeatedly, the entire clip would turn out to be boring.
the 3rd reason to build this was the middle titling issue. usually some kind people steal my videos from my channel and put them back on YouTube without even crediting me or my channel. so i have printed and pasted some link descriptions on each side of the toolbox to appear in the middle of a video always, at least this will help other audiences to find my channel on YouTube. the 4rth reason for building this was the product promotion issue, usually while i receive some electronics or DIY tools and stuff from other companies to show them on my videos, i have to show a link to their website as well. to cut the video directly to a link-shot on screen is a  very naive editing style and it will receive some negative feedback from the audiences. so for this reason i have to attach the printed link on a side of this toolbox and let the viewers see it while i am normally working on a project :)
this wasn't cool enough? i think it was.
see some pictures of this project below and at the end there is a link to take you to YouTube and see the video of this project.

Video link on Youtube:

here is the link to YouTube video of this project:

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ADS said...

You should post the source of any unique parts, like the bearing on this rotating box. Nice project!